Reducing heat loss, draughts and condensation is just the beginning.

Our profiles are manufactured from recycled uPVC and are made with sustainability and the circular economy in mind.

A life span that lasts

Made from high quality recycled material, uPVC is the most sustainable option on the joinery market.

It can be recycled almost completely and without any loss to the quality of the product. What’s more, a single profile can be recycled up to ten times. This long lifespan ensures our products conserve more energy and resources and achieve a lower carbon footprint than products with shorter life spans.

Future proofed

An increased awareness of energy efficiency and sustainability is leading more New Zealanders to future proof their homes.

uPVC windows and doors are the global standard and provide insulation far above the New Zealand insulation standards. What’s more, our profiles are strong, resilient and durable enough to last for generations.