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Frequently Asked Questions

Is uPVC suitable for renovations or character builds?

Yes. We can help you select a colour and style of uPVC that fits your home. Whether you reside in a modern architecturally designed home or a traditional New Zealand villa, A master builder will be on-site during the installation process to ensure your profiles are watertight and meet the building code.  


We understand the apprehension of installing new windows in an older character build. As licensed building practitioners, our installers have experience working on older homes. They can take care of any building issues that arise on-site. Any small adjustments or modifications will be taken care of carefully by our highly qualified team. 

Are uPVC windows and doors suitable for coastal environments?

Yes, uPVC windows and doors are corrosion-resistant making them an ideal joinery solution for coastal areas. They won’t warp or fade in the sun or rust from salt spray in the air. UPVC is an ideal alternative to aluminium which will corrode over time. 

Why should I consider uPVC windows over aluminium?

Changes to the New Zealand building code mean that builders must install thermal breaks in aluminium double glazing to increase their energy efficiency. This increases the price of aluminium joinery which used to be the cheaper option.   

UPVC windows and doors have the highest thermal rating of any type of joinery on the market. Combined with its corrosion resistant properties, superior strength, increased levels of noise absorption, and now, lower difference in cost, and investing in uPVC is the smart option when it comes to future proofing your home. They are the global standard in thermal protection. 

What is uPVC?

uPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. This tough, recyclable material is highly malleable and easily customised. Its multi-chamber system provides superior thermal protection. Reinforced by a steel rod, uPVC offers extra strength, durability and soundproofing.