Warmer, Healthier
Windows for Life

Experience the transformative power of Fenestra uPVC

Transform your home into an oasis with windows and doors that eliminate condensation, reduce noise to a whisper, and provide peace of mind through unmatched strength and rigidity. 

15-year warranty

NZ’s fastest installation

Crafted from sustainable materials

Designed in Germany,
for New Zealand conditions

Enjoy European levels of comfort even in the depths of a New Zealand winter.

Discover a warmer, drier, quieter way of living with uPVC windows and doors capable of withstanding the hottest summers, the harshest winters, and any other weather conditions nature can bring.

No detail goes unnoticed

Explore a uPVC installation that preserves and enhances the look of your home.

Our installations are carefully performed by licensed builders who will ensure your windows and doors are weathertight, structurally sound and adhere to the New Zealand Building Code. Your character home, new build or renovation, is in safe hands.

How would you like to improve your home?

it warmer

Fenestra windows and doors minimise heat transfer, gifting you the freedom of a warmer, cozier home. With the right joinery, how you dress, which rooms you use, and how often you heat your home become choices that are no longer dictated by the weather. Go beyond the limitations of aluminium and timber joinery. Invest in the global standard of heating with uPVC and discover a healthier, happier, freer way to live.


A damp home can be a thing of the past. Our window and door systems are comprised of two main parts; double or triple glazing and an internal chamber profile system that provides superior insulation. Together, these features prevent condensation from forming. With such reliable thermal protection, your windows and sills will stay dry all year round and mould and mildew have no place to call home.

power bills

The innovative profile systems of our uPVC windows and doors keep heat where it is supposed to be. They are constructed to ensure a constant and comfortable temperature in your home, even on cool days without heating. With Fenestra, your home will become more efficient to heat. You will also enjoy the lower power bills and a more sustainable way of living.

its value

It is time New Zealanders discover what Europeans have experienced for decades; warm, dry homes and joinery that stands the test of time. Fenestra windows and doors are designed in Germany but built for the New Zealand climate. No matter the weather, they will resist corroding, warping or rusting and every system comes with a lifetime warranty. Enjoy the benefits of a warmer, dryer home for life.